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Many years of experience

"Strengas" founded in 2003.

           JSC Strengas was founded in 2003. In JSC "Utenos gelžbetonis" plastic plant base. Company's employees have many years (since 1986) experiences in polyethylene products. In initial workshop drainage pipe was produced, later we absorbed smoothbore polyethylene pipes for water supply and drainage, as well as blow-molding method to produce polyethylene packages.


           The plant rapidly expanded its production. Most of its production years (1988-1990 m). workshop processed more than 1300 tons of plastic raw materials over the year to produce its 5,000 kilometers of drainage pipe-its main product. In total, since its inception the workshop had produced about 32,000 kilometers of drainage pipe.

           The Company at its own expense in 2003 designed and implemented into production, only in Lithuania, meshed tube production line for cleaning equipment bioloads. In 2004 the company mastered various sizes boblocks for biological wastewater treatment equipment. These products from us are bought by all major Lithuanian cleaning equipment manufacturing companies. Much of the production is made from secondary (recycled from waste) polyethylene.

           The Company's production is a two-way, polyethylene 63 mm diameter drainage pipes, polyethylene 32, 50, 110, 160 mm in diameter squeeze tubes, stoppers drain pipes, new and existing sewer connection details, reclamation columns for the mouth of the drainage marking, 110 and 160 mm diameter drainage outfall used in reclamation, and woven polyethylene pipes of different sizes for bioloads for biological waste water treatment plants.

           Our target is to supply with products the reclamation construction companies.

Our mission

Manufacture and supply of high quality plastic products used for drainage and water treatment systems.

Our vision

To be available for Lithuania, the European Union and other countries customers

Our purpose

To guarantee the quality of products, and to ensure maximum consumer demands.